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Archie & Jo play SpeedWay!!!

Brandi Moore, CPDT-KA

Spot On Dog Training Center - owner

Brandi has been training dogs with positive reinforcement, science and relationship based methods for over twenty-five years. She's worked with hundreds of dogs with various training and behavioral challenges during that time. She believes that connecting with her human students, as well as her canine ones, with understanding and a sense of humor is a must! She knows that each dog is different, and will work with yours to give them the individualized guidance that they need.

Brandi has been competing in dog sports for many years. She has competed in Canine Agility for fifteen years, earning numerous championships and titles with her three Shelties, McLeod, Bonnie and Mac, and her Border Collie, McKenzie.  She has also competed in Rally obedience, earning multiple titles with McLeod. She has recently started competing in the new (Super FUN!) sport of SpeedWay, earning titles with both McKenzie and her young rescue dog, Aila!


Brandi continually updates her knowledge and skills as a trainer and competitor by participating in a variety of training classes and seminars with nationally and internationally competing instructors, both in person and online. 


Brandi strives to help you achieve your training goals by building a trusting relationship between you and your dog, while you learn together; using positive reinforcement to create focus and control; all while having lots of fun! 


Brandi is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA); a Canine Performance Events SpeedWay Course Marshal; as well as a Certified Wag It Games Instructor!

Brandi will share with you her passion for dog training, along with her knowledge and experience, at Spot-On Dog Training Center in Lincolnville, Maine!

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Brandi & McKenzie

Brandi & McLeod

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Intro to Agility

Intro to Agility is an entertaining introduction to agility in a pressure-free and non-competitive environment. Along the way, you and your dog will increase your capability to communicate and learn valuable skills that will help you both on and off the course. It’s a great way to have fun while improving your dog's obedience, focus and confidence. So bring your sense of humor and a pocket full of treats to our Intro to Agility class!


Next Session Starts:

  • Saturday - 11:00am: January 14th FULL!

  • Saturday - 11:00am: March 11th (No classes April 1st, 8th, 22nd and May 6th) (Last class is May 13th)

"Almost" Competition Agility

Intermediate Agility

Intermediate Agility continues the fun game of agility! This class is for dogs that have completed Intro to Agility and are comfortable on all the obstacles (okay if you are still working on weaves and teeter). We will continue building confidence on the obstacles and sequencing them together into courses.  We will work on handling for running with your dog through courses; practicing skills such as front crosses, rear crosses, blind crosses, when/how to indicate deceleration or acceleration on course and the art of course walking for success!​

Intro to Agility or Instructor approval required.

Next Session Starts:

  • Saturday - 9:45am: January 14th FULL!

  • Saturday - 9:45am: March 11th (No classes April 1st, 8th, 22nd and May 6th) (Last class is May 13th)

Competition Agility

"Almost" Competition Agility is for dogs who are comfortable on all the obstacles (okay if you are still working on weaves and teeter), and are sequencing competition level courses. It is for both competing students and those who are close to competing.  We will be working on focus, motivation and speed skills. We'll also work on building skills such as independent weaves and teeter. Courses will be less advanced than Saturday's Competition Agility class, but can easily be adapted to be more challenging for students who need/want that. 

Instructor approval required.

Next Session Starts:

  • "Almost" Competition Agility: Friday - 6:30pm: January 13th FULL!

  • "Almost" Competition Agility: Friday - 6:30pm: March 10th (No classes March 31st, April 7th, 21st and May 5th) (Last class is May 12th)

Competition Agility is for currently competing students. (Students will need instructor approval before registering.) Classes are planned for competitive Agility students with an emphasis on advanced coursework and handling.  We'll focus on improving your communication on course with your dog. Competition Agility is designed to hone your skills to handle challenging competition courses and bring home more Qs! 

Instructor approval required.

Next Session Starts:

  • Competition Agility: Saturday - 8:30am: January 14th FULL!

  • Competition Agility: Saturday - 8:30am: March 11th (No classes April 1st, 8th, 22nd and May 6th) (Last class is May 13th)

Wag It Games


If you're looking for more fun to have with your dog, you'll find it here!  Wag It Games is founded on the relationship between dog and handler, and focuses on team work, connection, communication and confidence building.  Whether you're looking to compete or simply take a class to enjoy with your four legged friend, Wag It Games includes games you can play at home or in competition!

Next Session Starts:

Sniff It:  (canine nosework games) TBD

Smart Dog GamesTBD

Start your Engines…

SpeedWay is a new event division of Canine Performance Events, offering dogs and their humans another opportunity to play in a fun, competitive environment!  SpeedWay offers both individual and team classes. Just like with Agility, you can learn and have tons of fun together with your dog in class and choose either to compete in SpeedWay trials or never step foot in the competition ring if that isn't your thing.


I tried out the SpeedWay games with my own dogs, and had so much fun that I decided to offer SpeedWay classes to my students! Now I'm a SpeedWay Course Marshal (Judge) and competing in trials with three of my dogs!


Get ready to go fast!

(Dog must be comfortable running through agility tunnels) 

Next Session Starts:

  • Wednesday - 6:00pm: January 11th FULL!

  • Wednesday - 6:30pm: March 8th


Private Lessons

Private Lessons by appointment

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